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Super Micro Computer, Inc.  è leader mondiale in termini di innovazione e tecnologia dei server ad alta efficienza e performance ed uno dei principali fornitori di soluzioni di green computing end-to-end per IT aziendale, HPC, Data Center, Cloud computing, Big Data e sistemi embedded in tutto il mondo. Supermicro offre una vasta gamma di prodotti che include server, blade, sistemi GPU, workstation, sistemi di storage, schede madri, chassis, alimentatori, soluzioni di rete, software di gestione dei server e accessori.
Fondata nel 1993 con sede a San Jose, California, Supermicro ha centri operativi nella Silicon Valley, nei Paesi Bassi e il suo Science & Technology Park e Centro Logistico in Taiwan, posizionandosi per scalare ulteriormente il proprio business in tutto il mondo. Supermicro unisce 20 anni di esperienza e conoscenza avanzata di ingegneria con una produzione efficiente e competenze di integrazione per sviluppare soluzioni scalabili e ottimizzate di green computing first-to-market che permettono ai clienti di ridurre il TCO.


Supermicro's Virtual SAN (VSAN) Ready Nodes focus on deploying VMware® Virtual SAN™, a hypervisorconverged solution, as quickly as possible. Virtual SAN provides you with the ability to provision and manage compute, network and storage resources from a single pane of management. Working with VMware, Supermicro delivers an alternative to traditional Fiber Channel SAN based virtualization infrastructure, which is known for its complexity and interoperability challenges. Targeted at a multitude of use cases in tier 1/2 production workloads and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), especially with all flash VSAN 6.0, Supermicro's VSAN Ready Nodes introduce a new high performance storage tier optimized for enterprise-class virtual environments that is simple, resilient and efficient that reduces the total cost of ownership. It is a perfect solution for Enterprises ROBO and SMBs to efficiently grow and manage virtualized infrastructure for maximum ROI.

A Virtual SAN Ready Node is a preconfigured single-node or multi-node server hardware configuration for use with Virtual SAN. A Ready Node configuration includes specific type and amount of CPU, Memory, Flash, HDD, and IO Controller devices within each server. Each VSAN Ready Node is classified by a Ready Node configuration profile. Defined Ready Node profiles include:

     • Server workload profiles
        - Large/High server profile
        - Medium server profile
        - Small server profile

     • VDI workload Profiles
        - VDI with Linked Clones
        - VDI with Full Clones

Each configuration profile provides a differentiated price/performance focus, targeting multiple use case requirements. Each profile assumes a target number of Virtual Machines per node, utilizing an average Virtual Machine profile size. Fault tolerance is built into the solution with data replication between nodes, and clustering technology. Flash and hard disks are seamlessly integrated to achieve best balance in performance and capacity.

  • Single bundle for procurement - Supermicro VSAN Ready Node comes with the appropriate licenses for vSphere, Virtual SAN and Horizon View. Supermicro production and service works with customer to simplify the setup experience.
  • Radically Simple Storage - VSAN integrates seamlessly with vSphere platform for storage tasks. Storage provisioning and management is a breeze. VSAN automatically rebuilds and rebalances storage to maintain Quality of Service from the storage resource.
  • Lower TCO by up to 50% - VSAN allows you to granularly scale-out you storage environment to allow for growth while eliminating overprovisioning.
  • High Performance - VSAN has integrated server-side flash to provide read/write caching, providing lower latency and better throughput than external flash appliances and devices. As a result, VMs and applications have the most optimized I/O data path to support your business demands.
  • Fault Tolerance - VSAN uses distributed RAID and cache mirroring to ensure that data is never lost in case of disk, host or network failures. Combined with Supermicro’s legendary quality and reliability aids in enhancing system uptime and ensuring business continuity.
  • Peace of Mind - Supermicro VSAN Ready Nodes are jointly recommended with VMware. Full system delivery ensures compatibility and maximizes the success of implementation.

Virtual SAN Ready System

Supermicro/VMware Certified Configurations

Configurations Hybrid Large Hybrid Medium Hybrid Small All Flash Large All Flash Medium
Supermicro Server Model SYS-2028U-VSN011L
SYS-1018R-VSN001S SYS-2028U-VSNF11L
VM Profile Specifications Up to 400 VM
per 4-node cluster
Up to 200 VM
per 4-node cluster
Up to 80 VM
per 4-node cluster
Up to 480 VM
per 4-node cluster
Up to 200 VM
per 4-node cluster
Virtual Machine Profile:
2 vCPU, 6GB Memory, 2x 60GB Virtual Disk
Virtual Machine Profile:
2 vCPU, 6GB Memory, 2x60GB Virtual Disk
Number of Nodes 1 (Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 12-core processor with 384GB memory) 4 (Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 12-core processor with 256GB memory) 1 (Single Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 6-core processor with 64GB memory) 1 (Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 12-core processor with 384GB memory) 4 (Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 12-core processor with 256GB memory)
Raw Capacity
per Node
14.4TB with 10000 RPM HDD's 6TB with 10000 RPM HDD's 5TB with 7200RPM HDD's 12TB with all SSDs 8TB with all SSDs
Networking VSN011L: 10GbE RJ45
VSN012L: 10GbE SFP+
VSN011M: 10GbE RJ45
VSN012M: 10GbE SFP+
VSN001S: 4x 1Gbs VSNF11L: 10GbE RJ45
VSNF11M: 10GbE RJ45
Software vSphere 6.0
Virtual SAN 6.0
vSphere 6.0
Virtual SAN 6.0
vSphere 6.0
Virtual SAN 6.0
vSphere 6.0
Virtual SAN 6.0
vSphere 6.0
Virtual SAN 6.0
Form Factor 2U w/ Redundant Hot-swap Power Supplies 2U w/ Redundant Hot-swap Power Supplies 1U w/ Redundant Hot-swap Power Supplies 2U w/ Redundant Hot-swap Power Supplies 2U w/ Redundant Hot-swap Power Supplies

Other Virtual SAN components


1Gb & 10Gb Ethernet Switches

• Layer 2/3 Ethernet Switching, link aggregation (LACP), Jumbo frames, VLAN support
• Configuration Flexibility:
  SSE-G24-TG4 - 24 ports of RJ45 1Gbps Ethernet with 4 SFP Combo ports,
    4 ports 10Gbps Ethernet (CX4, XFP, or SFP+), Stacking
  SSE-G48-TG4 - 48 ports of RJ45 1Gbps Ethernet with 4 SFP Combo ports,
  SSE-X3348T(R) - 48 ports of RJ45 10Gbps Ethernet
  SSE-X24S / SSE-X3348S(R) - 48 ports 10Gbps Ethernet (SFP+), Reverse airflow option
• Management: Web-based management interface, Industry standard CLI with telnet
    SSH or local management port, Scripting, Logging
• Routing, Multicast: Quality of service and DiffServ - 8 priority queues per port; Adjusted
    WRR and Strict Priority Scheduling; Security - 802.1x port based authentication, RADIUS
    and TACACS+ authentication, SSH / SSL encryption
• Dimensions: 17.3"W x 15.2"D x 1.7"H (440mm x 386mm x 43mm)


IPMI Server Management

• HW fault alerts - E-mail or SNMP
• Redundant access for management
• Support for open standards (SMASH 2.0, LDAP, WSMAN)
• VLAN support
• KVM and Virtual Media and SOL (no additional license needed)
• Easy maintenance (Command line flash tools for firmware update)


VMware Cluster Management

VMware vCenter Server provides a centralized platform for managing the Supermicro VMware Virtual SAN solution. vCenter Server 5.5 is required. Supermicro provides the full range of VMware vCenter products, as well as the server and OS to complete the whole environment. Contact your Supermicro Sales Representative for details of our VMware software offerings.
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