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10 Settembre 2019 ore 10:00, Online

Stormshield - Stormshield: React efficiently to sophisticated attacks

In this new webinar, Marco Genovese, Product Manager Stormshield, will share with you the benefits of the Dynamic Host Reputation feature. A Stormshield solution, to be discovered in 30 minutes chrono.

The IT networks of companies and local authorities are a prime target for cyberattacks. Such attacks seek to exploit the slightest security flaws to circulate malware or to steal data. Prevention, protection and reaction are the first lines of defence against these cyberattacks. Discover these aspects in this first series of three webinars presenting the benefits of Stormshield Network Security solutions to manage the complete life cycle of cyber threats.

Faced with the sophistication of such attacks and the inventiveness displayed by hackers when they come to getting around protective systems, it’s necessary to combine several means of defence. After introducing vulnerability management and effective network protection, a rapid response to such incidents is your final line of defence. To achieve this, detecting a sophisticated attack chiefly involves analysing indicators of compromise.

To ensure that your security system automatically takes account of these indicators and to incorporate the compromise level of your machines within your security policy, discover Stormshield Network Security’s Dynamic Host Reputation, in just 30 minutes.

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